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What is Stonehenge Mailorder?

Stonehenge is a do it yourself, non-profit mailorder, started back in 1991. The goal was then to distribute in France the records that were inspiring me and that were pretty hard to find around here...
The "scene" then was carrying a bunch of very empowering and important concepts, amongst them, the idea that we as individuals have the power to create things by ourselves instead of constantly relying on "profesionnals" and leaders. This idea that we can "do it ourselves" without feeling sorry or guilty about it was an essential part of my involvment in the political punk/hardcore scene back then.
More than ten years later, Stonehenge is still about distributing do it yourself records, and trying to offer a coherant and friendly alternative to the capitalist logic.

How the hell is that thing working?

Well, basically, you just go through the pages and select the stuff you are willing to order... You have several tools to find out the stuff you are looking for, and most of all, the Search engine is working quite okay (just a few words about it by the way: it's better to type just a part of a name if you're not sure of the correct spelling. the search engine might return more datas than what you actually need, but at least, the stuff you're looking for will be included, ok?).
After your selection is finished, you just have to finalize the order by clicking on "Checkout". You need to fill the form with your name, address, etc... correctly.
Payment can't be done "online", but there are several ways to do it quickly and safely (see below for more infos about payment).
After you'll get the confirmation email, the stuff will be reserved here for you for a week or so, waiting for the money to arrive, and then your order will be shipped.
I guess this is not too confusing.
If you need anything, just email me. And if you have a moment, don't hesitate to tell me if you think the site is shit, too slow, not functional, boring, ugly, etc... I really need your opinions to better this thing, ok?

Here are the different ways to send your payment:

1) Cash: At your own risk, in euros bank notes (no coins please). if you are willing to send out another currency, please get in touch with me before, ok? Send well hidden cash to the Stonehenge P.O. Box address.

2) Paypal: Very fast and safe way to send money. you need to have a credit card and a valid account (go to the PayPal website for more infos about this). Payments have to be done in euros, and you have to add the PayPal fees on top of what you owe me (that is: 3.9 % + 0.35 euros). Send Paypal money out to:

3) Bank Transfer / checks : If you absolutely want to pay by bank transfer or by check, please email me beforehand so we can arrange things, ok?

Please, allow one week for your order to be shipped, ok? (this is from the moment your payment has been safely received, of course, and if you're living far away, it might be reasonable to add a couple more days for postage delivery).
There is only one person doing all the orders and packages. This is not a business, and nobody is making money here, so... please, be patient. An email will be send to you to let you know the day your package is shipped. If you haven't heard back from me a month after you have sent your payment, you should get it touch with me, as something wrong probably happened.


Vous pouvez m'écrire en français.
Ihr könnt mir auf Deutsch schreiben..
Puedes escribir en castillano (hablo solo un poquito, pero puedo leer)
If english is a problem with you, well, just let me know, ok? I hate to have everything here 100% i
n english, but it would means too much work to type this damn database in several languages.