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 A LA MIERDA SUS FRONTERAS - comp. LP [ruido total]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: huasipungo, ruidosa inmundicia, ansiäx, coche bomba, sinnaciön, etc.---
 A TRIBUTE TO THE FUCKBOYZ - comp. 2xEP [six weeks]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: all you can eat, krupted peasant farmerz, the dread, etc.---
 A WILL TO EXTINCTION - comp. EP [discoppress]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: ebola, disabuse, stigmata uno, john bender, idi amin, etc.---
 AMBALA SWEET CENTRE - comp. EP [ambala]1.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: malva, curll, honey honey, cradle, etc.---
 AMORE E ANARCHIA - comp. EP [skank]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: subway arts, bakunin's children, d'rotzbouwen & toxkapp---
 APATHY IS NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE - comp. EP [skank]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: petrograd, phillippe, what's wrong & skol---
 AUTONOMIE, VOL. 1 - comp. EP [stonehenge]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: ivich, alcatraz, headway & coche bomba---
 BEAT US IF YOU CAN... - comp. EP [remaining thoughts]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: separation, kate mosh, turnover, engrave, simulcast & force of change---
 CANARIAN NOISE ATTACK - comp. LP [malditos vinilos]11.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: active minds, zounds, doom, ultimo gobierno, oi polloi, vitamin x (bands who played in the canary islands 2015-2018)---
 COUNTER CULTURE - comp. EP [coalition]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: d.s.-13, the swarm, slang & end 32---
 DEMONS INSIDE US - comp. LP [phobia]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: crutches, myteri, absolut, appäratus, warcollapse, etc. (20 years of phobia records comp.)---
 DÉSINTEGRONS LES INTÉGRISTES - comp. 2xEP [n.r.v.]3.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: seven hate, mush, perfect cousins, world pets, goober patrol, shit for brains, etc.---
 DESTROYING SOUTHERN TRADITION - comp. EP [at a loss]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: deathreat, damad, suppression & equity---
 DIVIDED BY WATER - comp. 2xEP [time as a color]5.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: coma regalia, human hands, trembling hands, duct hearts & careless---
 DOES IT HURT? - comp. LP [thought crime]5.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: sotatila, ruidosa inmundicia, dumbstruck, narsaak, yellow eyes, charlie & no slogan---
 DREI AKKORDE... FREIHEIT - comp. EP [shandmaul]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: asmodinas leichenhaus, mrtva budoucnost, kort prosess, etc.---
 EVERY TWENTY SECONDS - comp. EP [human error]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: suffer, boycot, active minds, sawn off, scum of society, skrofula, vulgre, etc.---
 FIRST LAST - comp. EP [chumpire]2.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: chase squad, kline's island, burning ambitions and ox---
 GIRLZ DISORDER, VOL. 3 - comp. LP [mass productions]11.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: tomar control, bloody benders, hekátē, troika, lavender witch, blonde revolver, and tons more international feminist bands---
 GOD'S FORSAKEN CHILDREN - comp. EP [struggle]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: y, fight da suckas, d'rotzbouwen & profan---
 GORE GORE GIRLS, VOL. 2 - comp. EP [new wave]1.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: uneven, voodoo dolls, x-sindicate & pmt---
 HARDCORE VS. HUNTING - comp. EP [muppet vision]3.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: boxed in, what price wonderland, knifed, burn all flags, burning the prospect, among the missing, etc.---
 HEMEN ETA ORAIN - comp. LP [ddt banaketak]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: gurs, mármol, 1991, ectoplasmas, shöck, arakil, etc. (diy bands from bilbao)---
 HOPE FOR US - comp. EP [discontent]1.50 €add to the cart
 ---with: damitol, animal farm, one day away and buried---
 IST DA WER? - comp. EP [hammerwerk]1.00 €add to the cart
 ---with: kobayashi, konstrukt, programm c and kawasaki---
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