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 OMEGA TRIBE - no love lost LP [sealed]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---english classical anarcho-punk (official repress)---
 PARANOIAS - napalm springs EP [helta skelta]6.50 €add to the cart
 ---australian punk---
 RED RED KROVVY - managing LP [helta skelta]13.00 €add to the cart
 ---australian punk---
 LOS CRUDOS - discografia 2xLP [la vida es un mus]17.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. chicano fast angry and pationate punk-hardcore (discography)---
 KOHTI TUHOA - s/t LP [la vida es un mus]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---finnish raw punk-hardcore (reissue of their 1st ep from 2014 + 1 extra track)---
 MYSTIC INANE - naturel beauty EP [la vida es un mus]6.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. crazy punk-hardcore---
 CRISIS - kollectiv 2xLP [la vida es un mus]17.00 €add to the cart
 ---english anarcho-punk (repress of their 3 ep's, demos and a live set)---
 LIMP WRIST - facades LP [la vida es un mus]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. fast queer punk (ex-los crudos)---
 KRE KE KE KEX KOAX KOAX - voltairine LP [guerilla vinyl]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---french crazy electro punk (ex-recusant, anacharsis cloots, etc.)---
 KRAV BOCA - city hackers LP [guerilla vinyl]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---french political punk-hip hop---
 AGAINSTERS - the breakfast EP [guerilla vinyl]4.50 €add to the cart
 ---spanish punk (ex-subterranean kids, etc.)---
 ATTENTAT SONORE - turbulences LP [guerilla vinyl]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---french punk-hardcore---
 ATTENTAT SONORE / D.O.A. - split EP [guerilla vinyl]4.50 €add to the cart
 ---french and canadian punk---
 MISERY - from where the sun never shines 2xLP [fight for your mind]22.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. anarcho-punk (reissue of this album from 2011)---
 RIJEKA - s/t demo TAPE [bus stop press]2.50 €add to the cart
 ---french emo-hardcore-punk (ex-bökanövsky, etc.)---
 BRA # 10 - ZINE2.00 €add to the cart
 ---interviews (max romeo, à cran, the northquakes, grit), textes (blaggers ita), chroniques, etc. (56 p., a5, en français) (février 2021)---
 BRA # 8 - ZINE0.00 €add to the cart
 ---interviews (eric (camera silens), junior murvin, u roy), textes, chroniques (44 p., a5, en français) (prix libre) (novembre 2019)---
 KIAL? - s/t EP [senseless acts of anger]3.50 €add to the cart
 ---french raw d-beat hardcore-punk (members of bakunin and sinnaciön)---
 DELIT NIOUSES - ZINE0.00 €add to the cart
 ---interviews (toxic waste, 20 minutes de chaos, véro (crabs)), chroniques, news (24 p., 14.5 x 14.5 cm, en français) (prix libre) (janvier 2021)---
 MODERN LOVE - ensomhet vet EP [refuse]5.50 €add to the cart
 ---norwegian melodic hardcore-punk---
 FIREWALKER - alive EP [refuse]5.50 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. powerful hardcore-punk---
 SCRAPS - wrapped up in this society LP [refuse]14.00 €add to the cart
 ---french political punk-hardcore (reissue of their 1st album from 1990)---
 HEADWAY - 1996 — 1999 LP + CD [75 / emergence / stonehenge]15.00 €add to the cart
 ---french modern hardcore (complete discography, comes with a fanzine)---
 ---roman graphique donnant la parole a des demandeurs/euses d'asile (240 p., 17 x 23 cm) (le monde à l'envers, 2020)---
 DROPDEAD - discography, vol. 2 (1995-2013) LP [armageddon label]15.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. fast hardcore-punk (all their splits and comp. tracks from 1995-2013)---
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