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 NADJA - autopergamene 2xLP [throne]17.00 €add to the cart
 ---canadian dark and hypnotic ambient-drone metal---
 NADJA - skin turns to glass 2xLP [throne]17.00 €add to the cart
 ---canadian dark and hypnotic ambient-drone metal (re-recording of the demo from 2003)---
 AILS - the unraveling LP [throne]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. melodic death-doom metal (ex-ludicra)---
 CORRUPTED - se hace por los suenos asesinos LP [throne]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---japanese heavy and distorted sludge (repress of their album from 2004)---
 MARÉE NOIRE - s/t EP [destructure]4.50 €add to the cart
 ---french dark punk-hardcore---
 INGRINA - etter lys 2xLP [bus stop press]15.00 €add to the cart
 ---french post-hardcore---
 CANINE - boiling drops in an ice-cold ocean LP [bus stop press]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---french political emo-hardcore-punk---
 VLAAR - s/t LP [crustatombe]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---french powerful punk-hardcore---
 OCTOPOULE - man won LP [crustatombe]9.00 €add to the cart
 ---french/south korean hardcore-math-punk---
 TENUE - anábasis LP [bike punk salamanca]8.00 €add to the cart
 ---spanish powerful political hardcore-punk---
 ZONE INFINIE - rester et fuir LP [senseless acts of anger]10.00 €add to the cart
 ---french punk---
 OSTAVKA - conclusions EP [stonehenge]4.00 €add to the cart
 ---french post-punk---
 CHAIN CULT - isolated EP [la vida es un mus]5.00 €add to the cart
 ---greek powerful post-punk---
 NUEVA FUERZA - hitos y derrotas LP [la vida es un mus]11.00 €add to the cart
 ---spanish distorted punk-hardcore---
 BELGRADO - obraz LP [la vida es un mus]11.00 €add to the cart
 ---spanish dark post-punk (3rd album)---
 PRO PATRIA MORI - where shadows lie LP [demo tapes]11.00 €add to the cart
 ---english dark anarcho-punk-hardcore (vinyl reissue of their tape from 1986)---
 OMEGA TRIBE - no love lost LP [sealed]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---english classical anarcho-punk (official repress)---
 IMPALERS - cellar dweller LP [static shock]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. raw hardcore-punk---
 CRUSADES - this is a sickness and sickness will end LP [anxious and angry]12.00 €add to the cart
 ---canadian melodic punk-hardcore---
 SVART KATT - när allt är över LP [sabotage]11.00 €add to the cart
 ---swedish melodic punk---
 THE ESTRANGED - frozen fingers EP [sabotage]5.00 €add to the cart
 ---u.s. post-punk---
 HELLKRUSHER - human misery LP [ruin nation]10.00 €add to the cart
 ---english crust-punk---
 MORUS - ciało obce LP [ruin nation]10.00 €add to the cart
 ---polish powerful punk-hardcore (ex-post regiment and with people from el banda, antidotum, etc.)---
 AKRASIA - first demons - birth of the void LP [ruin nation]10.00 €add to the cart
 ---norwegian crust-punk---
 ACTIVE MINDS - the age of mass distraction LP [muerte a tipo]9.50 €add to the cart
 ---english political punk-hardcore---
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